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Raymer Annotations

The Avro Vulcan (Top) and Boeing B-47 (bottom) were designed for similar missions, but designers took very different approaches.  The British favored buried engines for reduced skin friction drag (e.g Handley Page Victor, Vickers Valiant, de Havilland Comet) and delta wing.  Boeing favored podded engines on a high aspect ratio wing.  This was the forerunner of all long-range commercial aircraft designs.

Chapter numbering for Raymer's 6th Edition is the same as for the 5th Edition, except for the addition of Chapter 20 Electric Aircraft, and subsequent chapter renumbering.  Annotation numbering shown here is therefore the same as for the 5th Edition, up to and including Chapter 19.  Chapter 22 Extremes of Flight was Chapter 21 in the 5th Edition

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